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ABOUT Adayah

Adayah is an online store that helps people beautify themselves and their spaces through handmade products.

We are passionate about promoting the handicraft industry in Nigeria and Africa.

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Let me say that again

Una welcome













What I am trying to say is, welcome to the afro lifestyle blog. The blog is an offshoot of the online marketplace for unique, Afrocentric goods. At Adayah we believe that happiness is handmade, we believe in bright colours, we believe that a smile is the best outfit. We believe in self-confidence, and we are happy when you are on top of your slaying game.

We also understand that while lots of people are walking the Afrocentric route, everyone isn’t necessarily interested in the Afrocentric lifestyle. Everyone has their preferences, and there are people, even here in Nigeria, who would rather buy a handmade product than one that is tagged “afrocentric”. This is why we focus on handmade products, so you can slay irrespective of your shopping preferences. We love ankara though, a lot, well maybe a little too much.  Don’t judge us, it’s our preference.

Here are some things to know about the Afrocentric lifestyle

1. According to Afrocentric means centred on or derived from Africa. It is basically a way for us to show that we are Africans, we want to identify with our roots.

2. “Afrocentric” doesn’t necessarily mean “Ankara”, but using Ankara products is a pretty easy way to showcase your afrocentric style. You know how that simple ankara headscarf can transform your entire outfit in one second, yep, that’s what we are talking about.

3. Afrocentricity has been gaining momentum in recent times, from fashion to food and everything in-between.

4. It is not just a trend that will fly away eventually, its a way of life that is here to stay.

So join us on this journey, as we help you understand and embrace the Afrocentric side of life. We hope to entertain, educate and inspire you in more ways than one.



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